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Here is what happens to the lungs when infected with Corona

American researchers provided a closer look at what the new Corona virus does inside the lungs, where they have shown that it spreads inside and becomes like mud or paint!

Dr. Sanjay Mukhobadhyai, ​​director of pulmonology at the Cleveland Clinic, spoke about the results of two autopsies, one of which was a 77-year-old Oklahoma man who had died of the virus. He said he found the interior of the pulmonary air sacs covered with a mud-like substance or thick paint, which made breathing more difficult.

Sanjay added that they hope, with more findings about autopsies, that doctors will be able to identify the problems caused by the virus and then treat it with the available drugs. Sanjay indicated that this is the first time that the results of Covid-19 patient anatomy reports are published in the English language, adding, "In the last 3 days, I have already received dozens of requests from all over the world, as I have received requests from Europe, Japan and all over the United States. What we were looking for in autopsies was a ray of hope to find something we could work on to provide a way for us to stop the virus. "

The results of the autopsy showed that the interior of the lungs is covered with a thick layer of mud or paint, which causes airway inflammation and damage to the alveoli (fine and flexible air sacs in the lungs), which makes breathing more difficult.

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