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Corona is the world's first United States in the number of deaths

The United States has become the world's first in the total number of deaths due to Covid-19 disease caused by the emerging coronavirus, according to a new toll by Reuters.

The death toll from the deadly disease exceeded 20,000 on Saturday, with officials expecting the country to approach a "peak" and a decline in cases.

Italy ranked second on the list, recording 19,468 cases, then Spain with 16,353 cases, according to Reuters.

The "Word Meter" data indicates that 20,571 deaths occurred in the United States, while the total number of injuries reached 521,571.

It is worth noting that the population of the United States is five times that of Italy and seven times that of Spain.

Health experts in the United States have warned that the number of deaths could reach nearly 200,000 if strict precautions are not taken.

US officials recently announced that the country is backing down and "adjusting the curve." US President Donald Trump predicted that total deaths would be lower than expected.

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