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10 animals exposed to corona

A recent study indicated that the Corona virus can develop itself to affect animals other than cats or dogs to reach cows, goats, pigeons, and others. The British newspaper "Daily Mail" reviewed the scientific report, which was submitted to a magazine run by the world-famous Pasteur Institute in Paris, before it was published.

Researchers at Hunan University studied the lung structures of 251 different animals, to determine which one could catch Covid-19 through contact with bats or humans. The results indicate that, besides hitting bats, pangolin and humans, the virus has developed the ability to infect at least 10 other creatures. The risk list includes cats, cows, goats, pigs, sheep, buffalo and pigeons, raising the possibility that the virus, after jumping from humans to these mammals, may turn into new, more lethal forms that can then appear to infect people again.

The study team is led by Cheng Yi-ji, a virologist who previously worked at the Wuhan Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases. The report adds that this happened in SARS 2003, when the virus was transmitted from bats to humans through shrew and raccoon cats.

To create a list of dangerous species, scientists have studied the structure of a protein receptor on animal cells called ACE2 - the same receptor through which Covid-19 enters human cells and takes over the cell mechanism to create copies that infect other cells.

The new study indicates that dogs, unlike cats, should not be susceptible to Covid-19 because they do not have the same weak entry point in cells. Covid-19 is alleged to have originated in horseshoe bats, but the new study says it is unlikely that bats transmitted the virus to humans through direct contact, because that is very rare.

The ability of Covid-19 to infect animals, which are in direct contact with people, may create a real long-term threat. The author of the study, Cheng, said the research is in its early stages, adding: "No live virus has yet been isolated from any of the animals in However, some early studies have reported that animals such as cats have positive blood tests with the Corona virus. "