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The first test station for the Corona virus is opened in South Australia

A coronavirus test clinic was opened in what is believed to be the country's first public health system in South Australia.
The clinic is expected to receive the patient every 20 minutes once it is fully functional.

Patients who need a test must be referred by the general practitioner before they can go to the hospital that was set up at the site of the former relocation hospital in the southern southern suburbs of Adelaide.
Dr. Tom Dodd, director of clinical services at SA Pathology, said the service was designed as another way for healthcare professionals to collect samples from people who may be affected by the virus and should not replace clinical services.

"Therefore, this service is specifically designed for patients who have already seen a general practitioner and not individuals for clinical evaluation," said Dr. Dodd.
"This is a point where pathology only needs to be collected at this point, and we will make it clear to practitioners that they must see patients first and then refer patients here after they have organized the time for the collection, and we have provided us with an application form. "

Dr. Dodd believes the test station was "the first national station ... on a [managed] basis".

Source / ABC