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The finals of the T20 Women's World Cup are expected to affect gender equality in the coming years

It's 2020, and 86,174 fans gathered at CWM on International Women's Day to watch the final of the T20 Women's World Cricket Championship between Australia and India.

This number breaks the record for the largest audience at a women's sports event in Australia and is also the largest audience for a cricket game for women worldwide.
It still sounds like a utopian dream, but the impact on gender equality in sports will be felt in the coming years.

Unparalleled support
You may be wondering why a column in AFLW would start cricket, but as Kevin Roberts, general manager of Cricket Australia, said, it was "bigger than a cricket match and bigger than an event". athletic ".

"It's about empowering women and girls around the world," said Roberts earlier this week. "It means that the world is on the way to gender equality, men and women."

Even the AFL laid down its arms on the occasion and decided to celebrate International Women's Day by promoting the # EachforEqual movement with a video of their cross-code stars and pleading with their Twitter followers of #FilltheMCG on Sunday what women's sport means to us.

Such a decision would be exceptional and unprecedented in men's sports. The equivalent could be the AFL men's bank cards for the Boxing Day Test.
The unusual camaraderie shows how different women's sport is and that the promotion of gender equality in sport requires a whole range of collaborations that cross traditional lines of battle.
Not all gender equality news in sports is good
However, gender equality in Australia is declining.

Such commitment to the cause is all the more relevant as the study published by the think tank per capita last week shows that Australia has taken a quick step backwards in a global context on a range of measures. for gender equality.

His report “Measure for Measure: Gender Equality in Australia” showed that in 14 years, Australia had lost 29 places from 15th to 44th place in the world according to the Global Gender Gap Index. The report notes that less than 50% of teenage girls do sports.

One of the most alarming results was that of 98% of school age girls who said they had received no equal treatment for boys. Most said that they felt most comfortable when exercising.