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The extent of the forest fire crisis in Australia was recorded in five large numbers.

Many Australians have lost their summer due to the recent forest fire crisis.

These violent fires destroyed societies, destroyed wildlife groups and made many people feel abandoned and confused.

In order to express the unprecedented scale of the disaster, most reports focused on numbers, but where did these numbers come from?

Here we take a closer look at five of these numbers: where they came from and whether they are real.

More than 12.6 million hectares were burned

The most obvious way to explain the extent of a fire disaster and compare it to other fires is to focus on the area that caught fire.

According to the Home Office, over 12.6 million hectares have been burned across Australia to date.

Ben Shepherd of the New South Wales Department of Firefighting said that more than 5.4 million hectares of New South Wales alone had been burned in some way.
"The average rate of fire here in New South Wales is around 300,000 hectares," said Inspector Shepherd.

"It was exceptional, it was unprecedented and we hope that none of us will ever experience it again."

Source :ِABC