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Olives are useful in fighting Corona virus.

Olive leaves have been used to combat the epidemic of malaria and influenza .. Are they beneficial to combat corona?

Olive is the preferred choice for the breakfast table in many peoples, it is highly desirable at the breakfast table, and olive leaf is a source of healing for the human body. The olive leaves are also distinguished by its endless benefits, which is one of the fruits mentioned in the Holy Quran, and is used in herbal remedies, and experts often recommend them. Olive leaves are known for their resistance to the influenza virus (H3N2), one of the viruses that came before the horrific virus recently spread across the world, and olive leaves were also used to combat the malaria epidemic that spread in the nineteenth century. Experts also point out that it is very useful to chew an olive leaf every morning, put it under the tongue, and then throw it away.

For several months, the Coruna virus will pass through the global news channels, as many viruses that spread before it have killed and infected many innocent people around the world.

After the spread of swine flu, which is one of the most important symptoms of high body temperature, general fatigue and coughing, experts described that day to people that eating "olive leaf" and drinking "tea" frequently, helps a lot to fight the disease and overcome it.

Is olive leaf useful to eliminate Corona virus?

The similarity between the symptoms of swine flu and those of the Coronavirus, led to the belief that olive leaf can also fight the Corona virus.

Experts advise consuming olive leaves in various forms, including putting a leaf in the tea before drinking it. Experts also mention that it is very useful to chew a sheet of olive leaves every morning and leave it under the tongue slightly and then throw it.

Olive leaf has been used to treat the malaria epidemic

Olive leaves have been used as a medicine for various diseases for many years, and olives are one of the fruits mentioned in the Holy Quran, and it is known among people that the olive leaf is very useful for fighting and combating various diseases and epidemics.

And olive leaves were used in the 1880s to combat the malaria epidemic, as the American Institute for Cancer Research announced, that olive leaves are the most important natural anti-microbial and anti-viral remedy in the twenty-first century, and according to the institute’s research, olive leaves contain 101 substances.

The benefits of olives are countless
The benefits of olive leaf are immeasurable

A 2005 study in Australia on olive leaf revealed that the antioxidant capacity in olive leaf was 5 times higher than that found in vitamin C.

The study also revealed that the antioxidants in olive leaves are two degrees stronger than the antioxidants found in grape seeds and green tea.

According to the Australian study, the olive leaves are rich in anti-fungal and anti-viral and anti-bacterial compounds, and they also contain the same chemical compounds found in olive oil, but without calories!

According to the study, olive leaves have many benefits, the most important of which are:

Dissolve sebaceous glands and tumors in the body and prevent their growth.
Reducing the possibility of gallstones.
Stimulating pancreatic secretion.
Helping bone growth in children.
Prevention of osteoporosis.
Preventing swelling in the body.
Reducing the risk of asthma, colon, prostate, menopause and breast cancer.
Help relax the nerves.
Prevention of hepatitis A, B and C.