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Losses of koala from forest fires in New South Wales "one of the most significant impacts of biodiversity in our history"

Authorities may have underestimated the effects of forest fires on koalas on the northern coast, according to an ecologist from New South Wales.

Stephen Phillips, general manager and general manager of Biolink Ecologique Consultants, reviewed six koala habitats for ethical access between Forster and Ballina.

The company has been mandated by the WWF to conduct the first field studies in the region since the last forest fires and it is halfway there.

"Regarding the thickest models we do with the fire, we assume a loss of 70% or a mortality of 70%," said the doctor. Philips.

"Our field research indicates that somewhere in the north and losers may be more important than we think."

You are more than half of the searches on the site and Dr. Phillips said the story is "somewhat consistent" now.

There is a waterfall in southern Port Macquarie, there is a problem for the survivors.

"And as part of what our mission here is, we're now under one of his most popular and favorite Koala food trees called Tallowwood, and while I was wandering down the bottom of this Koala food tree, I picked up a bunch of koalas [a collection of fecal matter]"
 The doctor said.
"It is very clear that the reason is in front of the fire, and this can be said because it has turned black on the outside."

So he tells us what we knew: the koalas lived here before the fire

"It means that this page has been cleared: it is possible that the third party who did this died in the wings because of the fire and is no longer there, otherwise we will see new evidence, but we will not see this new evidence."

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"One of the good things about choosing a site is that the canopy is soft, which gives us hope that there may be survivors," said the doctor.