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Ellis Berry's injury poses a problem that Australia may face

From an Australian perspective, the first reaction to be heard that Ellis Berry lied and is absent in the rest of the 20th World Cup is a panic.

Throw the gun in the air. Run around the house. Maybe you scream from a window and see if the property is outside the tree.
A few weeks ago, Perry received the best Australian player medal of the year for the third time. She is the proven heroine who has been there and won everything that can hit, bowle and spy on the airways before she catches.

His team has a semi-final on Thursday. Maybe finish Sunday. He was injured Monday night. He was never able to get rid of a thigh injury quickly enough. How can others win without him?

Relax for a minute. Take a win If you take a closer look, there may be a reason to breathe better. Yes, it's fair to say that Ellyse Perry is currently the best player in the world. Interestingly, this Australian team really didn't use it.
That means, especially the T20 team. The last time Australia played a friendly match, Perry made a century in the first few rounds and was almost one in a second when the team called for a tie.