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Corona virus causes homeless food

Corona virus causes homeless food
In Ipswich, west of Brisbane, food is increasingly scarce for the homeless and those who sleep poorly as five charities stop operating amid the spread of COVID-19.

Those who remain open find it difficult to keep up with the increased demand.
Ipswich Assist, which keeps people who sleep poorly and are in need, said demand has doubled in the past two weeks.

Director Jason Budden is concerned that the charity may soon need to support up to 1,000 people a week like those who work part time and may need more help on occasion.

"It's an incredible amount of people, and we don't have the food and the resources to do it," he said.
Budden said buying panic prevented them from distributing food, and his team trusted public food packaging.

"One came the other day, he had missed meals in the community and had not eaten for three days simply because he was not there on time," he said.

"Usually there is more time, but when they go out, these guys are hungry without food.

Source :abc