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The fire destroys the community center for migrants in Lesbos, Greece, while Turkey seeks to conclude a new refugee agreement with the European Union.

There was a fire at a community center for migrants led by volunteers on the Greek island of Lesbos, amid tensions over the increase in migration from Turkey.

The NGO "One Happy Family", based in Switzerland, established a barber shop, a cinema, a gym and four classrooms for adults and children in the building, near the main port of Mytilene in Lesbos.
It was the second fire in a facility built for migrants, after a reception center was set on fire by unknown perpetrators last Monday.

The warehouse, which contained furniture and appliances, was completely destroyed, a fire spokesman said.

The fire in the refugee center came amid a tense confrontation between Turkey and the European Union over who is responsible for the millions of migrants and refugees in Turkish territory and the thousands who have recently concentrated on the Greek border.

Lesbos, which is located a few miles from the Turkish coast, currently houses more than 21,000 migrants, most of them living in an overcrowded camp, Moria, which was originally intended to house less than 3,000.

The island was the first line of the 2015-2016 migrant crisis, when more than 800,000 migrants who fled the war and persecution in the Middle East went on their way to Europe.
Thousands of migrants headed to Turkey's land border with Greece, an EU member, after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's government announced earlier this month that it would no longer prevent migrants and refugees from crossing to countries of The EU.

Greece has deployed riot police and border guards to repel people trying to enter the country and since then the Greek border area has seen violent clashes between them and migrants.

On Saturday (local time), the youth threw stones at the Greek police and tried to tear down a border fence. Greece also arrested five migrants overnight.